Justizzentrum Hannover: Labour Court Hannover, Regional Labor Court in Hanover, Social Court Hannover, Administrative Court of Hannover and Lower Saxony Finance Court

The five in Hanover established specialized courts of Lower Saxony Finance Court, Court of Appeal of Lower Saxony, Labour Court Hanover, Social Court Hanover and Administrative Court Hanover have been in rented, throughout the urban area scattered nearby buildings housed. This is confusing for the law-seeking citizens and impedes a court-border cooperation.

The state of Lower Saxony has therefore the 1. September 2011 announced the establishment of a specialized court center for all Hanoverian specialized courts in the court parking lot next to the Hanover court by a private investor in Europe.

In the procurement procedures FUBOS Beteiligungs GmbH at 28. June 2013 awarded the contract. At the 1. July 2013 has the Lower Saxony Minister of Justice Antje Niewisch-Lennartz with the Bidder as landlord notarized ground leases- signed and lease. The contract provides, that the landlord, of a ground lease is granted on the grounds, there the remaining old buildings in the HinĂŒberstraße breaks and a specialized court center plans, builds, financed as well as for 30 Rented year to the country. As rental- and start of use is the 1. July 2015 agreed.

After the 30-year lease period, the country has three options: Extend the lease for a further 30 Years, Purchase of the ground leases (and thus of the building) or extract (and possibly. Moving into another rental). In any case, the country is at the end of proprietor of the building.
The specialized court center is connected by a bridge over the Leonhardtstraße with the historic district court building. This in turn is connected by bridges over the August street and the Volgersweg with the new District Court building as well as the District Court and Prosecutor Hannover. In this way, as well as common facilities and services a citizen-friendly and efficient judicial center in the center of Hannover will emerge.
The rent of the specialized court center will be generated through savings of previous rents for the building of specialized courts and through synergies. Compared to a continuation of the previous state, this leads to a total savings.

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