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Pharmacy Law, Pharmaceutical Law, Medical Device Law, Drug Advertising and food law

We test the marketability of your new addition to food composition including the most important distinction to medicines. We are happy to edit your drug law issues. Of course, we also question the legality of competitive packaging / package inserts. Furthermore, we support food regulatory / legal drug regulatory proceedings. We are operating across industries.

Labour (Individual labor law / collective labor law)

We advise and represent clients in all labor and employment law matters. Dabei werden Unternehmen und Unternehmer auch im arbeitsrechtlichen TagesgeschĂ€ft begleitet. Bei einer Beendigung von Arbeits- und DienstverhĂ€ltnissen managt die Kanzlei den Trennungsprozess. SelbstverstĂ€ndlich beraten wir Unternehmen und Privatpersonen auch im KĂŒndigungsfall und klĂ€ren entsprechend der Interessenlage (e.g.. Continued employment or severance) the legal claims. In addition, we have a strong Arbeitsvertragserstellungs-, examination, and assertive practice.

Banking Law

From the preparation of the Bank- advice and financing transactions and we support the prevention and removal of problem areas. We are in the field of deposit and credit transactions in credit security, mit Schwerpunkt auf BĂŒrgschaften und Warranty Law, Leasing, Factoring together with all versions worked. In relation to banks, we examine Terms, Current account relationships as well as securities, Effekten-, Emissions- and investment transactions. We have always debated in investment law and represented here also damaged investors towards investment enterprises of all economic levels worldwide.

Energy law (Energy Law, Energy Antitrust)

With the Act Amending the Energy Industry Act is the energy market to the energy market "liberalized". The long-established domain provider are facing increasing competition exposed. New suppliers and service providers regularly enter the energy market. Customers are universally courted. How should the customers fall before unimagined freedom. We assist companies in the energy sector in strategic alliances, Cooperation and start-ups. Transit projects are reviewed, enforced and blocked. Business intentions are embedded in secure contracts and reviewed existing treaties and adapted. Energy are special customers in commercial transactions with energy suppliers in contract negotiations, Contract design, Contract Amendment, Support contract enforcement and termination. The solution of problems related to the power supply according to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEC) or Cogeneration Act (KWKG) part of our activity.

Computer Law (IT law / Internet law)

The Computer Law is one of our key priorities. Development, Production, Sales and maintenance of soft- Hardware and requires regular review and adjustment of contracts and terms and conditions underlying. Because the law is constantly changing. General shopping- and sales conditions for software development contracts, the drafting of license- or system contracts to the enforcement of individual claims, we have a profound understanding of the IT market developments in information technology. Relevant industry knowledge and industry experience along with our understanding of the specific terminology and business contexts offers targeted advice and representation.

Company law

A particularly important focus of our firm is the Company law. Our activities range from the formation, Consultancies – for example, conversion, Purchase and sale of businesses, large inheritance, including succession issues. The consultancy covers all forms of society, of the civil-law, the limited partnership, the general partnership over the LLC Aktiengesellschaft and up to the club or. a cooperative. The practice also includes advising on restructuring, Enterprise agreements, Control agreements, Amendments, Mergers and spin-offs. This latter activity is complemented by many years of forensic experience in corporate law disputes in both the ratio of managers / directors to they represent entities as well as disputes between shareholders. To the business performance of a company at the interface of Company law to optimize and Tax Law, we collaborate with a network, which also includes the accountants and auditors. In addition, we have partnerships with corporate law notary practices.

Property- and Real Estate Law

The buy / sell, rent or Rent, Lease, the financing, planning and construction of building projects raise numerous legal and factual issues on, the legal advice in our experience can be essential. Our law firm also handles matters from the Tenancy, the lease rights, the Agency Law, the monument law and condominium law. The design of a lease, its termination, as a captive termination, evicted, um Gewerbemietecht oder sonstige Einzelfragen des Immobilienrecht handelt, We offer a dedicated solid contact in the entire area of ​​Facility Management.

Commercial Law

Commercial law is the basis of the "economic justice". We play on the entire keyboard of commercial law. For example, "Distribution Agreements": In times of changing forms of distribution, the commercial agent wins- and field service law increasing importance. We represent well-known national and international commercial companies and advise them in the design of purchase, License, Leasing- and other contracts in the area of ​​commercial law. This includes the development of general purchasing- and conditions of sale. Due to the predominantly entrepreneurial clients structure is as one of our competencies in the design of national and international usable product related sales representatives- or franchise agreements. Alternative Vetriebsformen are no strangers to us, but also promote our creativity.


WĂ€hrend das Wettbewerbsrecht dafĂŒr Sorge tragen soll, that the behavior of competing companies a not to be underestimated degree of ,,Integrity has ", serves the purpose of antitrust law, that if competition exists. By Date 1999 introduced the sixth amendment to the Act against Restraints of Competition learned the German antitrust significant changes, structural rearrangements, as that of the merger proceedings, in addition to adjustments to European standards and new rule contents, as the award procedure. Im Bereich von UnternehmenszusammenschlĂŒssen und Kooperationen ĂŒbernimmt HORAK RechtsanwĂ€lte sowohl die nationale als auch die europarechtliche Fusionskontrolle.

Also off the Merger play antitrust considerations, and the VertriebsvertrÀgen, License agreements, in franchising o. À. Agreements between competitors and peers not only since the highly publicized fines the EU a permanent role. Because often the validity of contracts depends largely also to antitrust standards.

Online Law

The legal framework of your website, both in relation to competitors, Providers and users, require special attention. By taking into account the essential legal requirements in the areas of copyright, Trademark, Telecommunications Law and Criminal achieved representation in the WWW and the legal professionalism, die in tatsÀchlicher Hinsicht besteht HORAK RechtsanwÀlte agiert zu Gunsten der gewerblichen Nutzer, Provider or such clients, who want to realize their ideas in this area. This involves, in terms such as electronic commerce, electronic cash, cyberlaw, nothing, tld, meta tags,PGP,SEM, SEO, much more simple for everyday self-understanding.

Patent Law, Utility Models, Trademark, Designrecht, Domain Law and licenses

We know with all the forms of protection of intellectual property. The advice ranges from the application and defending patents, Use patterns, Styles and brands to domain names, Semiconductor topographies and plant varieties. Special experience in many industries, For example, in telecommunications, the electrical industry or the pharmaceutical industry distinguish us.

We assist our clients with the inclusion of these rights in strategic planning. We stand before the German Patent- and Trademark Office, European offices and international authorities on, to optimally place their rights in the marketplace, in the interests of our clients.

We support the utilization of existing rights, both defense before ordinary courts, as well as against competitors. In this case, this copyright law includes the competition fair use in marketing activities, preventing injuries foreign rights and targeted responses to product- or property right piracies.

Of course, we fully manage your rights. For example, we evaluate brand monitoring of, Check all requirements to obtain, for expansion or differentiation of your brands etc. worldwide.

HORAK RechtsanwÀlte gestaltet alle erforderlichen VertrÀge wie LizenzvertrÀge, Delimitation agreements, Confidentiality Agreement, Recycling- and distribution agreements etc. Additional qualifications, knows z.B. as a graduate engineer, ensure a comprehensive, technical issues comprehensively considered advice and representation.

Criminal Law

Auf dem Gebiet des Strafrechts sind HORAK RechtsanwÀlte vor allem auch im White Collar Crime active. There are, for example, piracy, Defamation, Denigration, Punishable Advertising, Use of templates, Tax evasion, Cheating, Treated embezzlement and corruption. An emphasis is beyond the case of offenses relating to corporate crises, especially in case of insolvency offenses. Finally, we also advise you on the company's internal investigation into allegations of criminal activity.

Telecommunications Law, Media Law, Press and copyright (with music legal)

In the media- Copyright and we only provide the contractual arrangements for the underlying industry, Counseling potential especially for the individual media, including. Press- and publishing law.

We also make contracts between artists, Production companies and broadcasters and support the marketing of media products. In addition, we represent our clients against misrepresentation, Reputational and. À.

The long experience of our lawyers in the traditional copyright had us facilitates entry into new media with interfaces to the Telecommunications Law and the Computer Law, so that we cover the entire area from the beginning of copyright issues.

The existing through liberalization of former monopoly telecommunications law today splits into different sub-areas. Antitrust issues are affected as well as aspects of intellectual property rights or consumer protection. Finally it comes to answering public questions related to the regulatory authority of Posts and Telecommunications. Since contact the Telecommunications Act and its regulations in force regulating the density increases primarily in administrative portion continuously.

Corporate Acquisition Law (M&A)

All Departments our firm can accompany a transaction. That must be so, to the individual, often be solved by specialists to be clarified issues.

Procurement Law

Subcontracting right all of the rules and regulations is to understand, to the State, require its authorities and institutions with a particular course of action for the purchase of goods and services. Procurement law is the formal framework of the tendering of, to which the contracting authority as the bidding companies are bound in the same way. Offenses by a party to the tendering procedures against the legal formalities, this can have serious consequences for him. Violations on the part of the contracting authorities can lead to the cancellation of the tender or, more recently even justify claims for damages of bidders. Violations on the part of the bidding companies in many cases lead to, supply the output may not take into consideration.

HORAK Lawyers accompany both contracting and tendering firm in tendering procedures. In addition to the full implementation of tendering procedures, are contracting authority on request also only partially in the choice of the correct procedure, the preparation of the contract documents, supports the formulation of the notice text as well as the evaluation of tenders. For tendering firm offers will be made formally correct, monitor the tender process, secured gave surcharges and possible recourse tested. In addition, the bidder shall be represented in review proceedings.

Contract Law (Civil Law)

HORAK lawyers throughout the civil- versed and contract law. We are used, to set us apart with the economic concerns of our clients, to translate them into customized and interest sensitive formulations contractual.

Of course we support the interests of our clients after a legal dispute even beyond the expiration of addition. We put the needs of the clientele to be enforced by or. defend them against insolvency. Here, we are not satisfied with routine activities. Wir verhelfen unseren Mandanten mit Spezialkenntnissen auf dem Gebiet des Law enforcement und der Insolvenzordnung zur Durchsetzung seiner AnsprĂŒche.

Administrative and constitutional law

Of public issues of construction- and investment planning to environmental law, together with environmental audit and environmental impact we can manage your project from quite practical point of view, including approval procedures and such before the administrative courts. In particular, an acceleration over time is often of particular importance. Dabei werden wir beispielsweise im Immissionsschutzrecht, Waste legislation, Preservation law. Planning law, Commercial Law. Medicines- and Gentechnikrecht active.

Competition and advertising law

The focus of the law to restrict unfair competition (UWG) is advising on the marketing and distribution of products, Services or the transmission of ideas. Any good advertising to their own products, Prove services or advertising companies for the most courted. The better an advertisement, the more critical the question of fairness.

In advance of a measure of the marketing mix of the companies we serve, we advise you to minimize competition law risks and optimize the desired advertising effect. As a result, costly warnings or legal proceedings can be avoided and Defence- strengthen or attacking positions.

Apart from this activity in advance of an event, we serve the legal aspects during the implementation, to respond to legal reactions third short. We are targeted against competitors of our clients before.

The activity of HORAK lawyers in the area of ​​competition law is also industry-specific preceded by the legal and economic interests of our clients. We follow the particular circumstances, for. B. the Therapeutic Products, of food law or the pharmaceutical- and Medical Devices.

We observe European legal developments and let our knowledge thereof incorporated into our advisory.

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